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Dreams and Premonitions


Volcano threatening to break out, the Vesuvius in Italy. Because it was so realistic, I believe it could be a premonition dream. People like journalists flew in their supplies when people weren’t allowed to land planes because of the danger the area is in. I was inside the city of Pompey. The dream could also have symbolic meaning about tension in my life or possibly erupting emotions like anger.

The next dream was about an event I attended, that was held in an attic. After everyone left, I noticed someone had broken into my home, the lock and a piece of wood was gone. There was two ladders inside my entry way. And drawers that were searched. They didn’t find any valuables however, I felt afraid they could come back. This could be a premonition dream because how real it felt but the symbolic meaning apparently is about a subconscious aspect of myself that tries to come into my awareness, something I might be ashamed of or don’t want to accept as a part of me. I found a young man in my sunroom using my tools, I told him I don’t mind him coming here but to at least let me know before hand if he wanted to use my tool sharpening device. I don’t actually have one of those. It might symbolize me wanting to be aware of hidden aspects of myself so that I can prepare for it when it shows up.

The next dream was about a neighbour across the road renovating their home, I went over to try ask them if they saw the burglar but they didn’t give me any information. Symbolically renovations of a home can be about finding your way home to your true self. I have felt not quite like myself for a while. This also was not the house I actually see across my home. It’s down the road, next to a friends property. I am working on renovating a few things in and around my own home as well.

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