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The Truth of Who we Are

Updated: Aug 15, 2023


I have always wondered since I was born, who we truly are. Because I didn’t believe that we were humans, I didn’t believe that “human” means “of the earth”. I always believed that we are of the universe. I didn’t know why I believed that, but it was an inner knowing, the truth of who I was, coming right through me, telling me all I needed to know.


I am a spiritual person.

That statement in itself can either make someone like you or think you are a delusional person.

But what is spirituality really?

Spiritual people generally believe in life beyond our physical existence, we often believe in re-incarnation and a continuous stream of consciousness that never dies.

To me, spirituality is more then believing in life beyond physical existence. It is about how I show up in my life, how I perceive my reality and how I choose to engage in my world. Spirituality is the inner knowing that our physical existence is one with our spiritual existence.

We see the physical reality as the flowering part of a plant, while spirit is the root of the plant.

We see the earth as sacred grounds we walk on.

We know each atom and molecule is in truth pure energy which creates shapes when they come together in a certain order.

Growth is spirit unfolding its true essence. Death and decay are spirit yielding to other life forms, nurturing the new grounds for fresh growth. A way for spirit to move on to other adventures.

We are spirit that continuously experiences itself anew in this wonderful universe. We have done so for eons.

My divine friend sitting in front of me looks up from her desk and asks me: “Sabrina, how are you so convinced that there is a spirit? Isn’t it just another belief?”

I take a moment to tune in and answer; “Beliefs are often passed on through stories.

Many people say that they only believe what they can see, hear or touch. I was once one of them. Those are the people that often ignore their inner senses. The inner senses are the same as the outer senses, but like the word says: they are “inner” senses.

We sometimes refer to them as “Clair senses”.

The inner senses have access to a vast part of the universe that the outer senses don’t have. The universe is also the super conscious or partially the subconscious mind. This is what they mean when they talk about the universe being mind.

Beliefs can be formed based on what we see and hear or what we perceive with our inner senses. Everything is about believing.

You can choose to believe in what you perceive to be true, or you can believe all that you perceive is just made up, an illusion, like a magic trick.

Your freedom is in what you choose to believe is true for you.

Some people believe in science, some believe in ghosts, some believe in rainbows and unicorns.

Some people believe in everything they are told.

Some people question everything they are shown.

Some people believe in themselves over others.

Some believe more in others over themselves.

“What do you believe in?” asks my divine friend.

Clearing my mind for a moment, I answer:

I believe in what I perceive, but with a critical mind, always questioning the truth behind appearances and asking about the true intentions of others.

I never claim to know the truth, even if I am confident it is correct. I have seen reality change too many times to assume that how I perceive is accurate, though it may appear accurate in that moment.

I listen to my inner guidance that sends me nudges like an invisible truth barometer.

Sometimes, I just know with unshakable certainty that something will happen that others consider impossible to know ahead of time.

We also call this being psychic.

People often choose to believe what they want to believe in. If its true or not.

They choose the reality that makes them feel safe. I don’t blame them. I found myself often falling into that pattern as well.

Until I began to observe the truth unfolding in front of me, the way spirit showed me it would happen.

I have no problem admitting to being wrong. When I’m confronted with truth that shows me I was wrong. My human was wrong. My spirit was correct.

The flower sees the outside world and its many perspectives. The root deeply in the earth is blind to all of that and must rely on the inner senses. The flowers inner senses can be manipulated through the outer inputs.

The roots inner senses can’t. They are pure and unadulterated, there is only blackness outside its window.

I was almost legally blind most of my life until a surgery corrected my vision.

I spent a lot of time with my inner senses. I see the distractions for what they truly are.


I see my inner world as core truths.

Working with spirit has brought me truths I discovered the reasons for much later.

Just to give an example.

I received a spirit symbol that suggested I should stop drinking coffee.

I found out later that coffee triggers cortisol release which counteracts the spirit molecule or also called DMT, it affects the ability to work with third eye. It can also cause anxiety and depletes minerals from the body that you need to feel well. The third eye is your inner vision, how you can perceive with your inner sight the information that the inner space, the inner cosmos or the spirit world can give you.

Spirit also reminded me of my daughter through another psychic many years ago. 14 years later, I remembered I had a daughter at the age of 13.

Spirit told me about my future relationship with a man whose name sounds like Wisdom.

Decades later, I met him and we had a relationship that expanded both our spiritual growth.

Spirit is truth if we like it or not.

Spirit is the truth of who we are.

Humus may mean of earth, but hu-man means “divine being” or “god being”.

We are divine beings of the universe, living on planet Earth.

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Brittney Danielle
Brittney Danielle
Aug 13, 2023

I found this app/site through an email I received. Something nudged me to open it an I'm glad I did. 😊😇thank you for being so transparent and sharing your support and story 🙏🏼

Brittney Danielle
Brittney Danielle
Aug 13, 2023
Replying to

This is true.👁 Remembering🧘🏽‍♀️ who we are is everything °••°perception to the world around us is reality which also what we make it. I am happy to be here during this time and wish to fulfill all that I came here to do🙏🏼😇

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