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Finding answers and clues to your souls journey

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

What are the akashic records?

Akash or Akasha is a Sanskrit word, meaning open sky or open to the sky, it translates to open ether, or being open to receive what's available in the ether. The ether or akasha is like a fine fabric that spreads over all time space reality, catching all information, feelings, happenings and thoughts like a spider web. It contains limitless wisdom, all experiences and insights we receive are imprinted into the akashic records forever and are accessible to anyone at any moment. Meaning, the wisdom of today was accessible one thousand years ago and the wisdom of today will be accessible in a thousand years from now.

When we access the akasha through intention and a shift in awareness, we get access to a deeper truth then is available to us in our fully conscious state. We shift our brainwave state to a channel that allows us to access the information in the akashic records. Many of us who are clairvoyant, experience entering the akasha like entering a large library, in this library we are often aware of the lords of the records and spirit guides that are there to protect the records and to guide the seeker. We enter with intention and have questions prepared to respect this sacred space and time. The akasha can be a great source of inspiration for artists and entrepreneurs. Many times we tune into the akashic records without our conscious awareness, for example, when we suddenly receive a deep insight into a situation, our present life, past life's or even future events.


My journey with the akashic records

I became interested in learning more about the akashic records a couple of years ago during my spiritual awakening and after I had a vision of myself entering a library while riding on a toy train (which was symbolic for my life's journey). and looking at a golden book inside a library that opened up, light shining right out of its center. The book had peculiar symbols on its cover that reminded me of Hebrew letters or cuneiform symbols. The vision showed me clues about my spiritual development journey. Tuning in with the akasha primes your ability to tune in and receive channeled messages. It can help you remember past life's that may hold significant keys to understanding your current souls mission and key connections with soul partners and friends from distant times that you have re-acquainted with in this life.

Many years ago, when I began my awakening journey after a life change, I was tuning in with myself to receive guidance during that difficult time, I inadvertently tapped into the future of events that would transpire many years later. At the time, I didn't understand what I was doing, I simply didn't trust that it was in fact future events I was observing in my inner eye. Had I been practicing it before, things would have been much easier for me, instead, I was taken on a journey of rediscovering all that is possible for us when we stop being afraid of who we are and what we are capable of. The trust in myself did not come easy and I still work on it. Many times we don't fully understand the spiritual messages, but often we find the missing puzzle pieces down the road, when life unfolds and things become clear.


What the akashic records can do for you

Tuning into the akashic records may already be something you are doing without your knowing. But having a tool and guidance system to use, is a great way to create a sacred and protected space to receive that guidance on your path.

Infinite love & light

Sabrina Goeldlin

Reiki Master - Akashic Reader - Spiritual Medium - Mentor - Writer - Seeker of Truth

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