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Key to Forgiveness in Relationships

It’s not about being right, it’s about being happy.

When we want to be right we tend to criticize another. We blame them when their actions don’t align with our highest aspirations.

We want to win over them in an argument. Put them in their place. This creates tension and confrontations that often lead to bad feelings. Like resentment and anger. Which creates unhappiness.

Even if you think you are right, accept another person for who they are and what they want to do.

You can share your concerns, but if you try to force them to be who you want them to be, you will push them away.

Forgive them for their ways, and accept them unconditionally. If you cannot stand being with them, move along without harm done.

Let them be happy, and find what makes you happy. Forgive them and forgive yourself. 

Part ways if you must. But never let your love turn sour. Forgive them (and yourself), to keep your happiness alive.

From Love.

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