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Connecting with Angels for Guidance

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Angels have fascinated humanity for eons, but what is behind the belief in angels and how does this all help us on our life's journey?

An astounding 80% of North Americans believe in the existence of angels as per statistics a few years ago. That means that there must be some kind of evidential experiences that lead to that kind of number. Angels aren't just mentioned in the Bible and so aren't specific to any religion. There are mentions of angels in the Koran, Tibetan and Sanskrit and even in ancient Sumerian texts. Angels have fascinated us for thousands of years.


What are angels?

Angel in Greek means "messenger", in the Bible it's translated from Hebrew as "Angel of the Lord" or Malakh Elohim. Angels or the elohim (notice Elohim with capital "E" refers to God, while the elohim with a lower case "e" stands for angels) are the messengers or "Voices of God". Angels love to do Gods work and serve humanity for the greater good and to create miracles. Angels love to help us realign with our souls mission or just help us remember who we truly are.

They often send us messages about the future, like when the Angel told Sarai about her pregnancy at her advanced age. Or Mary, who spoke to an Angel about naming her son Jesus. In some instances, Angels have saved our lives quite dramatically, if you ever read Doreen Virtues story about her car jacking experience where the voice of an Angel instructed her what to do to escape the robber.


What are angels helping us with?

Angels are here to help remind us of who we are. They are keenly interested in seeing us fulfill our souls purposes with the life we got. They know that earthly life is short and that we tend to forget things as we go on with the business of our human life's.

We forget who we are and why we are here. The angels like to nudge us gently into our remembrance.

I'd like to say it's all lucky coins and feathers, but for most of us awakeners, it was traumatic events that put us asleep and years later, another traumatic event that shook us awake. Most of us need a big wake up call to finally remember what we forgot. Memories of angels in your past may bring you great comfort, knowing that you never were alone during some of the most difficult times of your life. Maybe you feel there was nobody there for you, but that's usually because your slow human brain can't recall it.

The angels were there.


I believe we all have our angels that are always with us watching over us. And that we can establish a close relationship with them if we are open and willing to. A relationship with your angels can bring you much wisdom and understanding. It can help you get answers to some of your questions in life.

The angels can give you symbols, ideas and inspirations to solving a problem. They can send you images of something that you may later recognize and see as a sign that you are on the right path. Angels can help you heal from your trauma, they can help you heal from an illness or they might assist you in solving a quarrel with a family member.

Whatever it is you are facing, asking the angels to help you is a great way to establish and nurture your connection. Invite them in, ask them to cleanse and clear your energy field. Ask them about a message for the day, or the week. Ask them to show you a symbol of something you know, to re-calibrate yourself. Practicing is key, like with anything. Practice connecting with your angels and stay consistent.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the angels!

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Infinite love & light

Sabrina Goeldlin

Reiki Master - Akashic Reader - Spiritual Medium - Mentor - Writer - Seeker of Truth

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