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Reiki as a guide on your spiritual awakening journey

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

What is Reiki?

Reiki is also called universal life force energy. Rei means universal, ki means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki is a very gentle hands-on energy technique that can be performed by anyone, but practitioners attuned to the energy are aligned with reiki to channel it directly through their body into someone else's body and energy field.

Reiki was an invention received through channeled messages by Mikao Usui, he founded his first reiki clinic in Tokyo in 1922. Originally an ancient Buddhist technique, it was channeled and reinvented by Dr. Usui who received information from his higher divine guidance on how to apply reiki for healing. He experienced what we would call a kundalini awakening that helped him to be open to channel reiki for others. Usui Sensei (one who has gone before) had his mystical experience on Kurama yama in which he was given the reiki energy and from this developed his style of reiki, which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho. You can read more about the history of reiki on or join a reiki attunement to experience the technique yourself.


My journey with Reiki

I began my journey with reiki in 2008 when I joined a free level one introduction by Lizzy Barnett, who has her own reiki practice in the USA. After a big life change, I took reiki 2 with Barbara Ford-Pimento, and learned how to send healing to others and to situations from the past. In 2019, I took my reiki master attunement with my star sister Renata Anne Kiss, a soul sister from the Pleiades with whom I share past life memories with.

Reiki energy and my future experiences with energy healing had been present with me since childhood, when I was inadvertently tapping into the memories of my future, receiving guidance to lay on hands for healing myself and others. In secret, I would send healing energy to others. In my upbringing, being a healer was either relished or frowned upon. I did never proclaim I was a healer or psychic to protect myself. You may be able to remember moments in your childhood where you tapped into this limitless energy potential but never knew how to explain it or never shared it with others. When it is time for you to begin your healers journey and be more intentional about it, you will feel called to step into that purpose by your own higher divine self, the light within you.


Why become a Reiki Master?

Reiki is more then a healers tool, it is an awakening guide, each level marks a step towards higher consciousness, a completion of a cycle you are going through. Each level means you are tapping into more of who you are and who you are becoming, each step invites you to take on assignments from the divine to level up and move into higher dimensions. Every time you shift a perception you are creating the miracle of finding a way home to your truest self, the divine essence you truly are. On your journey of awakening, reiki assists you by facilitating healing within. As a reiki master, you get the opportunity of teaching others that come after you. Hence why we call teachers "Sensei" - one who has gone before.

Infinite love & light

Sabrina Goeldlin

Reiki Master - Akashic Reader - Spiritual Medium - Coach - Writer - Seeker of Truth

Check out my available Reiki attunements or sessions below:

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