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A True Ghost Story

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Since it is Halloween soon, I figured I could share a Ghost Story, or two, with you. They are actually true stories, nothing pulled out of a hat. I hope you enjoy them.

I have plans to go to the poor house in Fergus with a friend this month. Few years ago I visited the poor house with a group of mediums from a mediumship course I took back in 2018. I had no idea where we were going, the haunted house visit was kept secret so none of us were biased or would look up information about the place. We went with our pens and note books and prepared to enter the place using an energy technique to power up before we entered the poor house.

The place was big, and impressive. Large stone stairs lead up to the upper rooms where exhibits were held. But we weren't too focused on the art that was displayed throughout the building. I was focusing on the older items from the time when the house was in service to the poor and used as a farm.

I was fascinated by an old quilt. I stood there deeply in a walking meditation, tuning into the energy of the quilt and the room, I felt that something was following me and sure enough, an energy was suddenly present on my left side, which usually indicates a female spirit.

I asked her who she was. Faintly I heard "Catherine". I asked her what she did at the poor house. And she told me that she was the "lady of the house". I wrote down my notes and started moving around the room again. I picked up on a Couple in the upper rooms that were having a love affair at the time, of course, in secret. Apparently the man was married or engaged but had a thing for one of the women who lived at the poor house.

We moved into the barn outside, where I encountered the spirit of a man shoveling what appeared to be manure in one of the stalls. I just observed, it seemed as if he was giving someone a hard time for not working fast enough, for a moment, it seemed as if he noticed me as he looked up into my direction. I powered up once more and began to leave the area.

A little bit later, we all gathered in a room to hear a presentation about the poor house. And we got a chance to compare our notes. I shared with them what I found and I was told that one of the owners of the house name was Catherine and that indeed one of the men had an affair with one of the women there. The poor house has lots of stories to tell and I am sure there is much more to be witnessed one day when I choose to go back to do another walk around.

We ended our tour by going onto the old cemetery area. It now appears like a forest with its many pine trees. Apparently, where the road now goes through, there used to be graves as well.

There was a story shared with us about a lady who was labelled "crazy" or having hysteria, who ran away. Nobody wanted to deal with her so none of the men went after her to look for her. It was in the middle of winter and it was a snow storm, the wind howling around the building.

Eventually they decided they should probably go look for her... the next day. They found her frozen to one of the fences outside.

I am sorry for that image in your head right now. Brrr....

Anyway, I have another story to share.

This one is from my own childhood. I had many psychic moments and conversations with spirits as a kid growing up in Switzerland. We lived in an appartement building, nothing fancy at all. However, I often talked to what I now know were spirit people who came to my bedroom, they would sit in a row and I would address each one in order. Even animals showed up.

However, the most interesting experience with a spirit person, was probably the one when I left the appartement to go play outside. I was about nine years old at the time. I walked out and onto the parking area which was a partly open, partly covered area, with a play ground on top, surrounded by four apartment buildings. I walked onto the parking area when I suddenly froze in place. I felt like I couldn't move, the hair on my skin and head stood up and I felt energy run through my body.

I felt the presence of something that didn't feel friendly. I barely dared to look to the side, there was a male spirit hanging out by the railing, one arm leisurely hung over the railing while he held a cigar with the other hand, he wore glasses and had thinning brown hair. He communicated with me from afar at first. However, once he realized I could hear him, he suddenly came up real close to me.

I was so scared, I nearly died. How my heart didn't stop in that moment, I don't know.

Though his energy was dark, I realized quickly that he just needed help. He got in trouble with the wrong crowd, and was killed by an organized mob. He told me that they buried his body inside the walls of a building on a construction site and that they are building on top. They will never find him. Likely not for at least another twenty years or until they demolish the building again.

He requested me to walk with him so he could show me where his body is hidden so I could tell the police about it. However, remember, I was only nine years old, and I was still afraid of him. And the prospect of walking on the road alone with a spirit for who knows how long, didn't seem appealing or safe to me at the time.

Also, what kind of police would listen to a girl talking about a spirit? I was certain I'd be laughed at.

I promised the man that one day, when I'm an adult, I would come back and help him if it was possible and he would just have to wait until then.

I went back home and told my parents that I encountered a spirit person outside. Of course they didn't believe me and I think they thought I was a little coocoo.

I never again mentioned anything about spirits to them.

About seven years ago, while I was going through the biggest changes in my personal life and had a spiritual awakening, sure enough "mister mob" came back, however at the time I didn't recognize him, I just noticed a spirit person hanging out in my auric field, waiting for me to do something. It took me some time to remember what I had once promised him and now, I was six thousand kilometers away from home so I told him, that I cannot help him now, however, if there was a chance in the future that I could be of service, to let me know.

My fear of ghosts dissipated as I was learning how to connect with spirit to reconnect clients with their passed loved ones. I really enjoyed doing this kind of work, I think it's fascinating and interesting. In some circumstances it can also be very healing work.

We cannot promise anything to spirit people just like we cannot promise anything to a client when it comes to spirit and my ability to tune into a specific spirit person, but I allow myself to be open when I am approached so that I can pass along messages and dive into memories from their past. It's been an interesting journey to learn how to do that and definitely took away my ungrounded fears of spirits.

Spirit is not "bad" and can't do anything to you, your own fear creates the problem.

Fearlessness is key when it comes to spirit communication. When we connect with spirit, it can trigger fear bodies within our auric field, or our subconscious, which then triggers reactions and responses that will make us believe that it was the spirit person doing it. However, it wasn't them, it was our own subconscious response to the presence of a spirit energy and our fearful reactions to them.

I feel this is important to remember during Halloween, when the veils lift and we are more open to death and the invisible energy forms in our environment.

I'd love to hear your ghost stories, leave them in the comments if you'd like to share one with us.

Happy Halloween!

Sabrina Goeldlin

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