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Whispers - Solutions from the Soul

Whispers - Solutions from the Soul

Because my soul speaks in whispers... I am deeply honoured to share with you Gerry’s most profound collaboration to date - The Book of WHISPERS - Solutions from the Soul.

A way to help you listen to your Soul. Beautifully creatively directed by Gerry Visca, it is intended to help you expand your listening... and to help you listen to the only sound that matters... the whsiper of your soul.

Unlike past WHY BOOKS - this soul guide is an artful creation... a place for readers to pause, reflect and slow down for a powerful quiet instant. Each page a landing... a lovely verse, a soul thought, a peace-filled intention, a calm reflection, a piece of wisdom that whispers to your soul. Limited quantities available. Each copy bought from me is signed by me with a lovely greeting.

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