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Tarot cards with text "health tarot reading"

Tarot Reading for Health and Wellbeing

Concerns around health and wellbeing can be distressing. With the insights gained through studying the symbology of tarot in relation to your health and wellbeing, we can gain understanding on how to approach a situation, how to change our mindset and perspectives about it and how to move forward with more confidence and hope. This five card spread is typed out and a PDF report can be accessed when it is ready. Please indicate your First name, date of birth or age, gender and a question in relation to your health and wellbeing to personalize your reading.


Disclaimer: My readings are designed to empower and offer insight. They do not replace the advice of legal, medical or other professional services. I do not diagnose or treat anyone, energy healing and readings are meant as a complementary path, not as a replacement for conventional treatments.

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