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Spirit Messages

Spirit Messages

Connecting to loved ones in spirit can be a healing and comforting experience.

I typically will connect for 15 minutes and write out a report on what spirit showed me. Please be advised, if you would like to connect with a specific person, I can ask for this person to appear but that may not always be happening (I don’t control spirit).

It can help to connect with a specific person if I receive a picture of them. Because of the many factors that could influence a reading like this, there are no guarantees that you will receive what you expect. If I don’t feel a connection or the connection is weak or confusing, I will cancel the request and refund your money. After the reading is completed and order fulfilled, I no longer accept refunds.

Disclaimer: My readings are designed to empower and offer insight. They do not replace the advice of legal, medical or other professional services. I do not diagnose or treat anyone, energy healing and readings are meant as a complementary path, not as a replacement for conventional treatments.

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