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Tarot card and crystals with text "career tarot reading"

Career Tarot Reading

At times we are unsure where our current path leads us or what we need to adjust or consider to move ourselves forward with our career, vocation or a project. Tarot can help us gain insight into what we need to take into account, how to approach it or what to consider when moving ahead. This five card career path tarot spread can give you the insight you need in regards to your questions. You will receive a PDF downloadable file of the insights into your current career and how to move ahead, please indicate in a message what your particular question is in regards to this topic, to personalize it more and add your name, gender and age.


Disclaimer: My readings are designed to empower and offer insight. They do not replace the advice of legal, medical or other professional services. I do not diagnose or treat anyone, energy healing and readings are meant as a complementary path, not as a replacement for conventional treatments.

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