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Angel Messages

Angelic mediumship is an interesting art of tuning in with higher frequencies of angelic beings. I have spoken with angels since I was a toddler and they have often given me all kinds of guidance during my life time. I mostly receive symbols and animal spirit totems when I connect with angels, they show me images, symbols and sometimes transmit emotions. At times, they have more specific messages. Please indicate if you have a particular question or something that concerns you, to help the reading be more intentional. I generally tune in for 15-30 minutes and write a report on what I received, it will be sent by e-mail or letter mail,  your choice.

Disclaimer: My readings are designed to empower and offer insight. They do not replace the advice of legal, medical or other professional services. I do not diagnose or treat anyone, energy healing and readings are meant as a complementary path, not as a replacement for conventional treatments.

    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Monthly Messages
    C$37.77every month until canceled
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