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Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading

Akasha means “open sky” or prime substance, it is the delicate fabric of time space reality that connects all things, places, events and times.

I follow a practice I have learned from my teacher who follows the process of Linda Howe, that begins with a gate way prayer.

The purpose of accessing akashic records is to find answers to difficult questions that are deeply meaningful to the seeker.

In this email reading, I ask you to limit your questions to one, formulate it so that the answer can’t be a simple yes or no.

Ask a question that is purposeful and directed towards personal growth and spiritual development.

Questions that work well look like this:

- what can I do to be more open to a better job opportunity?

- how can I find out what my soul came here to experience?

- do I have a past life connection with a (certain) person?

- what am I supposed to be learning from a (certain) situation?

Avoid time specific questions or future telling questions, ask about “how” and “why”, avoid “when” questions.

I will ask you to rephrase a question if I feel it won’t be a good question to ask in your akashic records.

Disclaimer: My readings are designed to empower and offer insight. They do not replace the advice of legal, medical or other professional services. I do not diagnose or treat anyone, energy healing and readings are meant as a complementary path, not as a replacement for conventional treatments.

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