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What Is the Meaning Behind the Whale Spirit Message?

A whale coming up to the surface for air

I got up this morning, made myself a warm beverage and went to sit down on my red couch, when I suddenly saw the image of a whale pop up in my mind.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t paid a lot of attention to spirit and felt a little cut off, though I know this is temporary.

I love feeling closely connected with spirit and the angelic worlds. Just like an old friend, they checked in on me this morning to send this message.

I thought about the meaning of the whale and found a great website that has a beautiful description of my current experiences. If it is for me, I know it’s also for someone else out there. I’m always asked to share the wisdom with others. So here it is;

The Whale Spirit Animal Requests Emotional Rebirth

If the whale is calling to you, then it might be time to take inventory of the emotional pressures you’re under. Just as the whale can dive into the depths of the sea and endure immense pressure, people holding the whale spirit animal also are able to endure both emotional and physical pressures. But not forever, just as the whale must surface to take new breath, so must you. If the whale is showing up this could be a powerful opportunity to remember, let go and forgive. Making space to give birth to your fullest expression and flowing creativity. - Elena Harris

The whale is a solitary but compassionate creature, closely connected with the awareness and wisdom of the spirit realm.

I feel that there is a release happening, yes, there may be a lot of pressure, all around, however, I do feel like a lot of the old emotional pressures have released, we are called to release it, to let go of it. Like a breath of fresh air, there are new things coming our way that will be exciting, life affirming and interesting.

The whale has many meanings, and the messages are usually what resonates with you. The size of the whale might make you realize you are beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with the pressure you've been experiencing. Maybe you have taken on extra responsibilities or maybe you are not allowing yourself to have a break to breath. It could be a note of caution, that you are close to a burnout if you don't take regular time off.

The whale dives deep and can withstand a lot of pressure, but must resurface to get air.

Whales can be symbolic for family, emotions, speaking your truth or communication, healing, wisdom, peaceful strength. You may have kept to yourself for some time and not shared what's truly on your heart. Speaking up or writing about it, communicating it, can in fact give you release from this inner turmoil or pressure you've felt.

You weren't meant to do it all alone, find your family, your tribe, your people, they will understand you and support you.

When I connect with spirit, one of the first things I do is take a few deep breaths, which I feel allows me to tap in more easily. Breath is sometimes also seen as spirit itself, or the source that keeps us going. It contains Chi, universal life force energy as of Reiki teachings. Life force is everywhere however, we can create a better flow and renewal of energy through breath, drinking fresh spring water and the movement of our bodies.

If you are interested in reading more about how to get your own spirit messages, go to my blog post about connecting with angels for guidance.

Spirit will speak to you, it is your own higher guidance, it is a part of you, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Connect with your inner wisdom during a meditation today, or just be with yourself in silence for a few minutes and ask for a symbol to help guide you or to provide a message you need to hear today. Just be aware of what comes to you and get curious on what it means.

I want to hear from you, let me know in the comments what you have experienced, what symbols, thoughts or memories came to you, maybe you connected with a loved one in spirit, there is no wrong way to connect, and all is valid. If nothing happens, just pay attention to what appear in your day, any symbols? Birds, coins, animals that peaked your curiosity? Note it and ask yourself what it means.

Enjoy your day. Love. Sabrina.


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