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The Moth Spirit Animal - Embracing Your True Self through Transformation

The Moth spirit animal is frequently seen in periods of change and releasing the past to welcome new beginnings. With its attraction to light, the moth symbolizes the presence of light at the conclusion of this path. Additionally, the moth's ability to sense vibrations and see in darkness makes it a representation of psychic powers and elevated spiritual entities.

Encounters with the Moth as a spirit animal, including discovering moth patterns on my items and dreaming of symbolic messages, have led me to consider the importance of letting go of my old life to reveal my authentic self. I've connected with a woman who has undergone comparable transformations and has renamed herself as a mark of change. Feeling inspired, I am now considering a name change myself to reflect my renewed identity and distance myself from previous affiliations.


Through years of self-work and integration of past traumas, I believe that changing my name is not an act of escapism but a conscious choice to fully embody my true self. I acknowledge potential judgment from others but I remain steadfast in my decision to embrace a new identity that resonates with who I truly am. The process of changing my name symbolizes a final step in my transformation, aligning my energy and fate with my newfound sense of self.



The Moth has frequently crossed my path, particularly during my separation period. Its presence persisted throughout the past week. Upon researching its symbolism, I learned that it signifies the need to release the past and embrace a complete transformation into your authentic self.

While picking up my swimsuit from the chair on my deck the other day, I spotted a moth design on my bath towel that I purchased in Florida. After going inside and shaking out my swimsuit to get ready to put it on, a moth flew out and disappeared behind my curtains. Later, I found a moth sticker that my daughter and I had bought a few days earlier. We both adored the design, so I decided to stick it on the back of my cellphone.

Recently, I awoke from a vivid dream containing a symbolic message that required deciphering. Not long after, I stumbled upon a YouTube interview featuring a woman with a history of past trauma. Intrigued, I visited her website and noticed further parallels. Remarkably, she bore a green leaf tattoo identical to the symbol the Angels presented to me about a year and a half ago. Prompted by their guidance on where to search next or how to proceed, my curiosity was piqued, leading me to follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her app.

A day later, I came across one of her blog entries detailing her choice to alter her name. The post was intriguing, and once more I found similarities in her thoughts, which resonated with my own reasons for considering a name change. A decade ago, I adopted a new name, but feeling self-conscious and uncertain, I hesitated to officially change it, opting instead to use it as a pen name for future literary endeavors.

I had already authored and published a book under a pseudonym, but it didn't succeed. It was, after all, a half-hearted attempt to write about the trauma I remembered at 36 and the mind's mechanism of repressing memories. The book needs rewriting; I'm not particularly proud of it. I did what I could at the time. This weekend, I realized that legally changing my name might alter my perception of myself and my work, potentially giving me the courage to evolve into the person I am destined to be.

Sabrina has completed her journey, and now the person who has been protecting her all these years should have the opportunity to fully express herself. Our names were given to us by our parents. Personally, I have always felt uncomfortable that my father chose my name. Every time I hear my name, I am filled with worry about what will happen next. This feeling is like an energetic undercurrent in my subconscious mind, deeply imprinted within me. My name will never truly feel like mine; it will always remind me of being confined or connected to my family.

I believe that to truly speak and write without restraint, or to guide and support others, I must embrace my new identity, the one I am destined to assume. I have contemplated changing my name for a while, but reverting to my maiden name didn't feel appropriate; I am not defined by those who caused me pain. I am liberated, like a bird in flight. A new name would symbolize this rebirth. I wondered if this was a form of escapism or a denial of my past self. Yet, I've dedicated years to reconciling every part of my being, confronting repressed memories, and devoting countless hours to acknowledging and processing my emotions.

I have completed that work. I remember. I am fully present in my body, to the extent that I can recall past lives and have integrated my other selves who have acquired vast knowledge over numerous lifetimes. Now, all wisdom and memory are consolidated into this single incarnation, including that of Sabrina.

So, I am fully aware of how others might feel about my choice to change my name, but I also believe that nobody will genuinely care about what I do. People will talk, roll their eyes at me, or even wonder if I have completely lost my mind.

Rest assured, I am of sound mind. I possess a deep self-awareness. This is a deliberate choice. The moment has come for me to transform into my most authentic self, a multidimensional entity, an amalgamation of all memories, all identities. All my past lives converging into this new existence, under a new name that resonates with my genuine essence. This isn't about escape, but rather about complete integration, paving the way for a rebirth into my truest form. The quest for the true self, a journey we all undertake, has reached its conclusion for me.

The Moth animal spirit conveys a message of transformation into one's true self, transcending the former life to emerge as a higher vibrational, multidimensional being. This isn't a recent occurrence; it's the culmination of a prolonged journey marked by numerous self-discoveries and insights that have steered my metamorphosis. This journey commenced in childhood, and although the name came to me in 2015, its full significance remained elusive until after nine years of introspection, healing, expanding awareness, remembering, and skill refinement. Now, I sense that rebirth is near, with countless signs from spirits, angels, and individuals over the past six months all indicating this new path.

I anticipated it was imminent, yet the timing and manner remained uncertain.

The name change will serve as the ultimate legal step to solidify my new identity, altering my energy and, consequently, my destiny.



The journey towards becoming one's true self often involves letting go of the old and embracing change. The Moth spirit animal serves as a guide in this process, urging individuals to shed their previous lives and emerge as higher vibrational, multi-dimensional beings. Through personal reflections and experiences, I am showing the transformative power of embracing one's true self and the importance of letting go of past associations to pave the way for a new identity. The act of changing one's name symbolizes a rebirth and integration of past experiences, leading to a new way of being and a higher level of self-awareness.

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